Coding integrated solutions for over 25 years.

Specializing in productivity applications customized to enhance business processes on-premise and over the Internet.

Premier Provider

HANSEN TECHNOLOGY is the provider of software driving on-premise, edge, and hosted telecom solutions for USA Teldata. This suite of communication products integrate business productivity, call centers, assisted living, clinical offices and other solutions to third-party hardware, VoIP trunks, and cloud platforms. We stand out in creating software that fits exactly what your business needs!

It's yours

Ownership is what really differentiates in todays world of technology. It is no longer enough to use the same products as the competition. Creating a unique solution by tying together proven products and technologies is not only a cost effective way to produce something you own, but it adds value to popular platforms that no one else has.

Solutions optimized to your business problem always win in a crowded field of generalized offerings and common business applications.

Doing it right

For us, doing it right means providing a solution at the right cost for the right user in the right way at the right time. This means that the value should well exceed the cost, it is built for your user, the experience just works, and you have it when you need it.