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AJAX, XHTML and PHP Editor (axped)

The axped XHTML editor provides a quick and efficient means to incorporating AJAX, XHTML, and PHP scripting into one editor. Another objective was to ease the task of formatting HTML tags, tables, CSS notation and other common design constructs.

Its operation is simple. A left pane contains the valid XHTML tags, tag attributes, CSS styles or a library of JavaScript code. Just double-click or search on the item in the pane and it is inserted into the XHTML document. A number of menu features also automate tasks like creating tables, rounded borders, image maps, etc. Other tools facilitate creating image buttons and resizing images for optimal load times.


axped.msi (version: 2.5; posted: 2011/11/14; size: 1.22MB)

This software requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework for Windows which may be downloaded here.


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Please, see the tutorial for more information on using this software.

Release Log

version 2.5 - Numerous improvements including button image library, help text for PHP IntelliFill, and new editor control.

version 2.0 - New features including support for web templates, HTML and PHP help searches, PHP function IntelliFill, and more.

version 1.3 - Added “Find in Files” and searching with regular expressions.

version 1.2 - Added new IntelliFill keyboard integration. Reworked the Button Designer tool. Improved “Find” dialog.

version 1.1 - Changes for Vista compatibility. Added various file types to "New" menu. Improved search dialog.

version 1.0 - Refactored to use scintilla.NET editor control. Fixes several issues in prior versions.